Public Safety

Burnaby residents deserve to feel safe in their neighbourhoods regardless of the time of day or mode of transportation they use. Improved lighting, road infrastructure, and bus shelter design can all increase the safety of our neighbourhoods. These are aspects I will work to improve through City

I also support the use of specialized RCMP teams, such as the Gang Enforcement Team and Bike Team to help keep our neighbourhoods safe.


Racism is an ongoing issue that must be addressed through systemic change. As a Chinese-Canadian, I have an understanding of how racism can negatively affect people and pose a risk to their safety.

I fully support the anti-racism movement and hope to work with the Burnaby RCMP to promote safety for all Burnaby residents, including our BIPOC community.


In Burnaby, we can make drastic improvements to make housing more accessible and affordable. This includes creating more social housing projects to support low-income individuals and families, and ensure that the city’s budget includes funding social services.

Local Economy

As a small business owner for over 35 years, I would propose the City of Burnaby set up a “Business Advisory Committee” to find ways to continue supporting businesses during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, we need to support local businesses by reducing their property taxes and waiving business taxes for the next 2 years.

Click the link to see the full PDF format of the platform!

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